The Nazi Germany Expansion in Eastern Europe

A Sudeten woman forced to greet the arrival of German troops into the Czechoslovakian city of Cheb on October 03, 1938.

Between 1936 an 1939, Nazi Germany conducted an aggressive and expansionist foreign policy aimed at gaining "Lebensraum" (vital space and raw material) for German Volk and unifying all German-speaking peoples living outside German borders into a Reich. Nazi Germany's policy of expansionism resulted in the annexation of Austria ("Anschluß Österreichs") and in the partition of Czechoslovakia. Leaders of Western democracies practiced an appeasement attitude towards Nazi Germany, that has been condemned because it allowed Hitler's power to make war to grow quickly and strongly.

- transcript of all speeches

1938/03/11 - Resignation Speech (Kurt von schuschnigg)
1938/03/15 - Proclamation of Austrian Anschluss (Adolf Hitler)
1938/05/07 - Speech in Piazza Venezia (Benito Mussolini)
1938/05/07 - Speech in Piazza Venezia (Adolf Hitler)
1938/09/10 - Czechoslovakia Prepares for War (Edvard Benes)
1938/09/14 - Message to the German Führer (Unknown Speaker on BBC)
1938/09/26 - Speech against the Versailles Treaty (Benito Mussolini)
1938/09/26 - Message to the British Prime Minister (Adolf Hitler)
1938/09/27 - Speech on Czechoslovakian Crisis (Neville Chamberlain)
1938/09/30 - Munich Agreement Speech (Neville Chamberlain)
1938/10/05 - Munich Agreement Speech (Winston Churchill)
1938/10/16 - Defense of Freedom Speech (Winston Churchill)
1939/01/29 - Announcement of the Fall of Barcelona (Benito Mussolini)
1939/01/30 - Speech on Judenfrage (Adolf Hitler)
1939/03/15 - Declaration after Czech Invasion (Neville Chamberlain)
1939/03/26 - Ventennale dei Fasci Speech (Benito Mussolini)
1939/04/01 - Announcement of the End of the Spanish Civilian War (Francisco Franco)
1939/04/02 - Announcement of the End of the Spanish Civilian War (Benito Mussolini)
1939/04/13 - Announcement of the Annexation of Albania (Achille Starace)
1939/05/19 - Victory Speech (Francisco Franco)
1939/05/22 - On the Signature of the Stahlpakt (Galeazzo Ciano)
1939/08/27 - Declaration of the Former Czech Ambassador in London (Jan Masaryk)

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