The Battle of England

The London Docks in flames after the daylight bombing of September 07, 1940.

After the withdrawal of allied troops from Dunkirk (June 03, 1940) and the surrender of France (June 22, 1940) Hitler hoped that Great Britain - standing alone against the overwhelming military power of Germany - would quickly ask for an armistice, but the recently formed Churchill government showed no intention to accept German proposals. Consequently, Hitler ordered to the German High Command (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht) to prepare a plan of invasion of the British Islands. The operation - later called Unternehmen Seelöwe - could have been carried out only with full air superiority, and that is why the Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring launched an enormous air campaign (lasted from July 10 to September 06), designet to beat down the Royal Air Force. The British air defense bent but did not break, and the Luftwaffe resorted to attack British main cities in order to destroy infrastructures and stocks of fuel and food, make weapon industry collapse and cause mass panic among civilian population. The airborne attack against civilian objectives was launched on September 07, 1940 and lasted until May 11, 1941.

- transcript of all speeches

1940/07/14 - War of the Unknown Warrior (Winston Churchill)
1940/08/20 - On the Battle of England (Winston Churchill)
1940/09/07 - Announcement of the Bombing of London (Hermann Göring)
1940/10/06 - On the Signature of the Tripartite Pact (Joachim von Ribbentrop)
1940/10/15 - Speech from the Movie "The Great Dictator" (Charlie Chaplin)
1940/10/30 - Address to French People (Philippe Pétain)
1940/11/18 - Italy Declares War on Greece (Benito Mussolini)
1940/12/23 - Broadcast to the Italian People (Winston Churchill)
1940/12/29 - The Arsenal of Democracy (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
1941/01/30 - Speech Against England (Adolf Hitler)
1941/02/09 - Give Us the Tools Speech (Winston Churchill)
1941/03/27 - Statement about a possible German Invasion of Great Britain (Lord Halifax)
1941/04/27 - Westward Look the Land is Bright (Winston Churchill)
1941/06/12 - Until Victory is Won (Winston Churchill)
1941/06/16 - Broadcast to America (Winston Churchill)

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