The Italian Campaign

Milan's Teatro alla Scala damaged from the most devastating air raid that had struck an Italian city during the Second World War (August 16, 1943).

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- transcript of all speeches

1943/07/10 - Announcement of the Allied Landing in Sicily (Douglas Edwards on CBS)
1943/07/25 - Announcement of Mussolini's Resignation (Unidentified Speaker on EIAR)
1943/07/28 - The First Crack in the Axis (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
1943/08/17 - On the Conquest of Messina (George Patton)
1943/08/31 - Broadcast from Quebec (Winston Churchill)
1943/09/03 - On the Landing of the Eighth Army in Europe (Bernard Montgomery)
1943/09/08 - Announcement of Italian Surrender (Dwight David Eisenhower)
1943/09/08 - Proclamation of Italian Armistice (Pietro Badoglio)
1943/10/04 - Speech about the Final Solution (Heinrich Himmler)
1943/10/13 - Italy declares War on Germany (Freddie Grisewood on BBC)
1943/12/03 - Orchestrated Hell Broadcast (Edward Murrow on CBS)
1943/12/06 - On the Teheran Conference Declaration (Freddie Grisewood on BBC)
1943/12/24 - On Teheran and Cairo Conferences (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
1944/01/04 - Announcement of the Conquest of Ortona (Matthew Halton on CBC)
1944/06/05 - On the Liberation of Rome (Godfrey Talbot on BBC)

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